[Add history of searches for Deep Sky Objects, which led up to Dreyer's catalog]

All of the images on this page were acquired at Kronk Observatory using either the Meade 20-cm LX-200GPS Schmidt-Cassegrain reflector or the Orion 8-cm EON Apochromatic refractor. The reflector provides a narrow field of view, while the refractor provides a wide field of view. The cameras have included the Canon Digital Rebel series, including the original Digital Rebel (6.3 megapixel), the Digital Rebel XTi (10.1 MP), the Digital Rebel XSi (12.2 MP), and the Digital Rebel T2i (18.0 MP). I presently have two of the Digital Rebel T2i cameras, one of which has been modified for astronomical photography. I also have two Mallincams, which are light intensified video cameras, which provide live views that easily exceed what an observer can see through the telescopes. I have owned a Mallincam Black and White video camera since December 2005, which was modified to a Hyper model during September 2006. I obtained a Color Mallincam Hyper Plus during April 2009.

NGC 7000: This is a wide-field image of the North American Nebula obtained on October 15, 2010. I used the modified Canon T2i attached to the 8-cm refractor. Exposures of 2 and 2.5-minutes were stacked to produce this image.