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BAA Comet section home page (by Jonathan Shanklin)

Dutch Comet Section

Spanish Comet and Meteor Society

VdS Fachgruppe Kometen (Comet Section of Germany)

Useful Information

Sky and Telescope's Comet Page

Pages of Professional and Amateur Astronomers
Which Provide Comet Images and Information

Paul Gitto  Many images, including animations and 3D from Gitto's Arcturus Observatory.

Gianluca Masi  Numerous images of comets and asteroids

Herman Mikuz (Crni Vrh Observatory, Slovenia)  Great images obtained by Mikuz and other staff members

A. Nakamura (Kuma Kogen Astronomical Observatory, Japan)  Many comet photos

A. Pereira (Portugal)  News and analysis of current comets

Gerald Rhemann (Austria)  An amateur astronomer with a long history of excellent astrophotography.

James Scotti  One of the astronomers working with Spacewatch--numerous images and interesting info.

Tim Puckett  This amateur astronomer obtains extremely high quality images of current comets with an impressive array of equipment

Seiichi Yoshida  An online listing of all comets that were expected to pass perihelion from 1995 through next year. Data includes orbits, magnitude predictions, and finding charts.

Miscellaneous WWW Sites

Comet Hale-Bopp (from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory)  The largest collection of images on the internet!

Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 Home Page (from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory)  Large archive of data on the comet that collided with Jupiter in 1994 July

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