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C/2011 W3 (Lovejoy)
Post-Perihelion Images
2011 December 18-19

Image of comet Lovejoy on 2011 December 18
Copyright © 2011 by Jan Ebr, Michael Prouza, Martin Jelinek, and Petr Kubanek (Czech Republic)

This image was acquired during December 18.38 (UT), using the remote 30-cm FRAM telescope, a CCD camera, and an R filter at Malargue, Argentina. It is a combination of nine exposures.

Image of comet Lovejoy on 2011 December 19
Copyright © 2011 by Vello Tabur (Harden, New South Wales, Australia)

This image was acquired on December 19.7 (UT), using a Canon 400D DSLR camera with a 55mm lens, and shows the comet's tail extending from the horizon up into the morning sky. This is a combination of three images totaling 57 seconds. The solar elongation was then 12 degrees and the tail was about 5 degrees long.