G A R Y   W.   K R O N K ' S   C O M E T O G R A P H Y

Great Comets of the Past

Designation (Name)DiscoveredPerihelionMagnitude
X/1106 C1 [Great Comet of 1106]11061106? (naked eye)
C/1668 E1 [Great Comet of 1668]166816681-2
C/1811 F1 [Great Comet of 1811]181118110
C/1843 D1 [Great March Comet]18431843-4
C/1861 J1 [Great Comet of 1861]18611861-2
X/1882 K1 [Eclipse Comet]18821882?
C/1882 R1 [Great September Comet]18821882-4