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Comet C/2002 C1

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Gianluca Masi photograph of Ikeya-Zhang on March 21
Copyright 2002 by Campo Imperatore Astronomical Observatory

This image was obtained by Fabrizio Bernardi, Gianluca Masi, Andrea Di Paola, and A. Di Muzio at Campo Imperatore Astronomical Observatory Assergi (AQ), Italy on 2002 March 21.76. It is a composite of six 5-second exposures and one 1-second exposure obtained with a 0.60m f/3 Schmidt telescope, an R filter, and the ROSI 2048*2048 back illuminated CCD camera, cooled at -110°C with liquid nitrogen. Once summed, the resulting image has been log-scaled and then filtered with an high-pass filter (unsharp-mask).

Frank J Melillo image of Ikeya-Zhang on March 29
Copyright 2002 by Frank J Melillo (Holtzville, New York)

This image was obtained by Frank J Melillo on 2002 March 29.01. It is a 15-second exposure obtained with an8-inch Celestron and a Starlight Xpress MX-5 CCD camera.

Günter Kerschhuber photograph of Ikeya-Zhang on March 30
Copyright 2002 by Günter Kerschhuber (Kirchdorf, Austria)

This photograph is by Günter Kerschhuber on 2002 March 30.83. It is a 160-second exposure obtained with a 10-inch f/3 Schmidt-Cassegrain, a GPDX Skysensor, and a Starlight Mx7C Star2000 CCD camera.

Michael Jäger photograph of Ikeya-Zhang on March 31
Copyright 2002 by Michael Jäger (Austria)

This photograph is by Michael Jäger on 2002 March 31.81. It is a 10-minute exposure obtained with a deltagraph 300/1000 and Kodak Ektachrome 100 film.